Movie Name: Amaraavati


Directed By: B M Giriraj


Produced By: E Madhav Reddy , E Sushma


Editor: Arjun


Music: Abilash Lakra


Story/Writer: B M Giriraj


Art Direction: Balakrishna Arwankar


Film Duration: 124 mins


Language: Kannada

Main Cast:

Achyuth Kumar

Kiran Nayak

Vaishali Deepak

Hemanth Sushil

Ninansam Ashwath




It is a story based on real incidents, where manhole cleaners fights against the authorities to ensure basic amenities for the job. It questions the morality and consciousness of the society and urges us to think of how many wrongs does it takes to make a right decision. This story revolves around Shivappa, a manhole scavenger and his family. A circle of incidents that engulfs their life, where Shivappa just wants to live another day. His wife tries to maintain their house. The two young kids are just playing victims, which lists the eldest son, Chenna Basava who documents and narrates the whole story. We meet a host of characters, Paul Nagaraj, an activist, John, the labor contractor, a runaway stranger with a mysterious past and we meet ourselves through different forms of society. The film attempts to throw a light on the reality of this heinous occupation and also tries to be a mirror to our own hypocrisy.